New Toyota FT-1 sports car comes with incredible features!

If incredible style and the latest features are what you’re interested in, then you might be excited to learn that a whole new Toyota sports car has been revealed! The Toyota FT-1 has been shown off, and it’s already attracting a lot of positive attention from drivers – even though it hasn’t even appeared on the lot of our N Charlotte Toyota dealership

Take a closer look at this new Toyota sports car!

The Toyota FT-1 is a new Toyota sports car that’s designed to offer incredible style and give drivers yet another stylish option to choose from if they’re in the market for a two-door coupe! More than one new Scion in N Charlotte already features this look, but it’s been a while since a two-door Toyota coupe has been available. Here’s what this sports car concept features right now!

  • Aerodynamics: It boasts an incredible unique design that’s supposed to give off the impression wind flowing over the car created its sleek style. Along with its unique look, it also has features that help with its aerodynamics so that it offers the kind of driving experience sports car enthusiasts want!
  • Curb-appeal: If you’ve ever seen the Toyota Supra or Toyota Celica, then you know that Toyota is more than capable of creating a sports car that has incredible features. This specific concept of a new N Charlotte Toyota sports car has some extra features that make it stand out even more, like a retractable wing that can be tilted forward to help drivers get as much aerodynamic efficiency possible. That’s not all – this new Toyota comes in a seriously eye-catching hot-red color right now, and even has dark accents applied to up the ante when it comes to style!
  • Performance: We’re sure that the performance of this vehicle will impress drivers, too. In fact, it’s rumored that it might feature a driving experience similar to what the N Charlotte Scion FR-S has to offer! Its rear-wheel drive system is also sure to offer incredible control, which is a feature most sports car enthusiasts crave. 

The interior of this sports car is also supposed to boast some incredible options. For instance, the inside is supposed to be shaped like a cockpit! Not only that, but this concept car also has special interior padding to help keep everyone comfortable. 

Are you ready for a new Toyota sports car in N Charlotte?

If you love the style of two-door coupes, then you’ll be sure to want to check out this Toyota once it’s moved out of the concept phase and produced for drivers to take home and enjoy on a regular basis! Keep in mind this vehicle is still a concept, so it’s possible that it will receive more changes if it’s ever moved into production. 

In the meantime, there are still plenty of Toyota that come with sporty features for drivers to explore at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership! Stop by and visit us at 13429 Statesville Road to explore the options that are available today! 


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