Man on the Edge: Weed Money for the State?

This video is no longer available.

 Marijuana!  Illegal in the Carolinas, but worth a fortune for people who are willing to risk it.  And while it’s a game of “catch me if you can” between lawbreakers and police, why not let the cops cash in when the catch the bad guys?  

This week, undercover investigators in Union County made a sizeable bust: 31 pounds of pot and $119 thousand in cash!  There have been three arrests so far, and cops are still going after people that may be connected to the case in Mecklenburg County and Monroe.

Generally speaking, anything that’s part of a drug transaction can be confiscated by police.  That includes houses, cars, equipment… anything.  And what happens with the stuff?  It’s either used by police, or sold at auction to raise funds.  But what happens to the marijuana?  It gets destroyed–usually burned.  And not one joint at a time, but in a big pile, or in a field, cops soak it with kerosene and light it up.  Potentially millions of dollars worth. 

But if we can use the houses and cars and boats for profit, why not the pot?  It’s illegal in the Carolinas, but not Colorado or Washington.  Imagine how much money police and government agencies could pull in by selling confiscated pot to legal smoking states!

We hit the streets to find out what you think…