The Snark Report with Derek James: Naked Fans, Wedding Plans and Zimmerman Looking for a Fight

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Miley gets an invite to the prom, Katie is sending out invites to her wedding, DWTS making changes and a boxing match you might want to forget.

A naked fan of Miley sends her a video invitation to the prom…will they be chosen as best “un”dressed?

Fans of Dancing With the Stars will notice a change this year…yep, they are still on the air.

Katie Couric is making plans for her upcoming summer wedding with a big celebrity filled reception.  Will the marriage last longer than her talk show?

TMZ is reporting that George Zimmerman is set for his upcoming celebrity boxing match.  Who gets the chosen spot to beat up on Zimmerman?

Coca Cola got heat for its Super Bowl commercial.  DJ shows us the rejected version of the spot along with his best impression of a dolphin?

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