Man on the Edge: The Beatles 50th!

This video is no longer available.

 It was 50 years ago today that the Beatles hit the USA!  They’ve been going in and out of style, but for 50 years they made us smile!  It’s a testament to the impact the fab four had on music, culture, and the political movements of their time.  Somebody you know loves the Beatles, even after 50 years.  Are there any other bands that will stand that test of time?

You don’t need us to tell you how much the Beatles have impacted the world.  From t-shirts to tumblers, video games to college classes, John, Paul, George, and Ringo have never not been popular.  Their music still sells; in fact, it was a really big deal a couple of weeks ago when they announced they’re bringing the U.S. library to iTunes!  And it was just as big when the two surviving Beatles, Paul and Ringo, got together and played at the Grammys last month.  How many other bands can impact the world like that?

We hit the streets to find out if you think any current musical acts still be relevant in 50 years…