Man on the Edge: Snow Day Timing

This video is no longer available.

 Just two weeks after the last winter storm did a hit and run, there’s a new one coming that’s not moving out anytime soon.  From Tuesday through Thursday, we’re getting waves of snow that will definitely shut down schools and businesses somewhere.  But it seems like they always wait until the last minute to do it.  So when is the perfect time to find out?

Decisions about cancellations boil down to whether people in charge believe anything is going to happen.  And we’ve been taking the pulse of that on Facebook.  We simply asked, “Do you believe we’re going to get wintry weather tomorrow and Wednesday?”  And roughly 64 percent of you think it will.

So far, CMS has decided to close two hours early, and other school adjustments are listed on our website.  During the last weather event, CMS also made adjustments the day before, as in, before they could tell what it was going to be like in the morning.  But by and large, most social media feedback was positive, with parents grateful they didn’t have to wake up at 5am to find out.  But if they don’t wait until they can see what the conditions actually are, places could end up calling off for no good reason.

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, gets to come to work either way.  But if you get to stay home, when do you want to know it?