Man on the Edge: Reboot or Recast?

This video is no longer available.

 Out in theaters Friday: the new Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Critics are expecting it to be a huge hit, even though they say it definitely has a few flaws.  And one of those flaws could be the new kid in the lead role.  Andrew Garfield took over the role when the studios decided to reboot the franchise, once the Toby McGuire contract had run out.

Toby’s version of the “super-hero high school kid with the weight of the world on his shoulders” came across as perfect for a certain amount of people out there.  A little understated and humble, compared to Garfield’s jittery snark.

But it’s a whole different version of the character.  A reboot.  Which seems to be what they do with a lot of movies these days: Superman, Batman, the Hulk.  It used to tbe you’d just pop new actors in and keep filming, like the James Bond and Jack Ryan series.

So we wondered which you prefer: reboots or replacements?