Edge on Demand: Legal System Failure

This video is no longer available.

  Were you ever lucky enough as a kid to have a parent forget to punish you?  Rare, but it probably happened.  The same happened to a Missouri man who was convicted for bank robbery, but nobody ever took him to jail until his sentence was up.  That’s when they remembered.  But now, 13 years later, things have changed.  Mike Anderson has now started a business, gotten married, had kids, started volunteering, and generally become a model citizen.  Because of the unique situation, the judge has released him.  

Now think about stories we hear in Charlotte all the time.  People go to jail, get out, and become repeat offenders.  Or they go through the system, get some leniency with a monitor bracelet, and cut it off like the guy did this weekend.  By the way, that guy is still on the run, unlike our man in Missouri, who turned his life around.

So does jail really work the way it’s supposed to?


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