Man on the Edge: Should the Media Stop Covering the Hardy Case?

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 Events continue to unfold in the Greg Hardy assault case, and every time a new item pops up, people try to make up their minds about the entire case.  We’re so used to having things wrapped up in an hour like they do on Law and Order, that we let every new fact sway our decision.  But just like TV, real life cases have lots of twists and turns.  Maybe even more.

The twist Thursday: Nicole Holder didn’t show up for the court hearing to put a restraining order on Greg Hardy.  So that’s dismissed.  Not only that, but her lawyer says he’s out because the two of them have irreconcilable differences.  And it’s the first time he’s left a client in 18 years.  Of course, we have no idea why he split.

But we do know why Holder and Hardy were fighting: Nelly.  As in the rapper and part-owner of the Bobcats.  That Nelly.  At some point, she’d had a relationship with him, then tried to build things back with Hardy.  Of course, there could be a million reasons why she and her lawyer split, but we simply don’t know them.  We also don’t know why she didn’t show in court.  But it doesn’t mean her concerns for her safety aren’t valid.

And with so many potential changes to the story, our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, asked: should the news media stop covering the story until it’s over?