Edge on Demand: Questioning NASCAR

This video is no longer available.

 It’s a question that simply refuses to go away.  Thanks to moments like Tony Stewart’s, when on his radio show, he hinted that there are “control methods” for NASCAR races.  And remember when the newly reintroduced Number 3 car, driven by Austin Dillon, placed on the pole for Daytona this year?  That’s the same place Number 3 driver Dale Earnhardt died.  Conincidence?

Or think about the way Danica Patrick took the pole for her Sprint Cup debut in 2012.  But every race after that, she drives like she’s in that one slow bumper car at the county fair.  She’s 65th in the Nationwide series, 0 points, 0 wins.  The best she’s finished lately is seventh.  But that person wins a pole?

Then there’s the inconsistent flags, the ever-changing rules, and the fact that NASCAR is owned by one family, the France Family, and they can run the business any way they want.  Which could mean they expect certain outcomes.  Our Man on the Edge and Kyle Busch fan Robert Wilder, hit the Speedway for some perspective…