Zell Or Zilch Vacay Products: The Travel John Disposal Urinal

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Labor Day is just around the corner. It’s our last chance to slip away this summer on a nice long, holiday weekend so Kristine is testing out products for your trip.

First up is ‘secret sweater’ which stores easily in your purse or carry-on bag. You can wear it over a blouse, under a blazer or on its own as a shrug. It comes in pink, black, white, grey.It costs $40 and can be purchased on secretsweater.com.

Next is the Jack Hemingway backpack by Jill E Designs. Pack light but smart with this blend of style, function and gadget protection. It’s tech savvy yet stylish and comes in various colors. It costs $250  and can be bought on jill-e.com, ebags.com and brookstone.com.

We’re saving the best for last with the Travel John disposable urinal. It’s for when you “have to go” but there isn’t a bathroom. The “bag within a bag design” has a gel that instantly absorbs the liquid so it’s leak proof! You can keep it in your glove box in case of emergencies like being stuck in traffic! It can be used on road, boating or camping trips and it’s reusable.  It costs $12 for a 6 pack at amazon.com or $10 at bed, bath and beyond. You can also purchase it on traveljohn.com.

Watch to see what gets a Zell and what gets a Zilch!

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