Union Co. Parents Speak Out About Redistricting Roll-Out

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 INDIAN TRAIL, NC – Union County parents lost the redistricting fight; now they’re losing their tempers.  

Social media exploded this week with stories of kids sitting on the floor in classrooms and parents waiting more than an hour in drop-off lines. 

All year, families protested, put up signs and showed up by the thousands to stop redistricting.
But their efforts weren’t enough.
Now, Union County families like the Hunts are forced into new schools.
“Traffic is a whole lot worse, it’s a lot longer drive,” said Tonia Hunt. 
Hunt’s drive time has doubled and so has the time she has to wait in the drop-off and pick-up lines at Porter Ridge Middle School.
“It’s hectic and crazy,” said Hunt.
WCCB asked the principal about the long wait times.
“Today we actually had all our cars out, we’re talking about over 200 cars, in 20 minutes,” said Lee Casey, principal at Porter Ridge.
A blog created by an anonymous parent talks about a special needs student riding on a bus for three hours trying to get home this week. It also says kids from one neighborhood were left behind because the bus was too full.  
Parents from across the county are speaking out about overcrowding on Facebook. One parent said, “My three high school (MR) kids have 38 to 40 in most classes.”
“There’s kids who don’t have desks, there are kids sitting on floors,” said Kim Hillegas, a Monroe resident.
Hillegas was a plaintiff in the lawsuit to stop redistricting. For her, this week’s chaos is a big “I told you so” to the Union County School Board.
“This is just inexcusable and unexplainable,” said Hillegas.
After losing the court battle, Hillegas enrolled her daughter in a private school. Now that she’s seen the public school chaos this week, she’s happy with her decision.