Aunt Charged with Abusing Two-Month-Old

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GASTON COUNTY, NC — An aunt is facing child abuse charges after Gaston County Police say she broke her infant nephew’s skull and ribs.

When WCCB Charlotte met up with baby Gabriel’s parents Thursday, he seemed like a healthy two-month-old.

However, his mother, Kimberly Pressley, couldn’t hold back tears looking at him. 
“It just makes me sit and wonder, you know? How much did he cry?” Questions Pressley. “How much pain was he in and nobody knew?”

Police say the baby’s aunt, Lashea Medlin knew. Detectives arrested her Wednesay. Thursday, WCCB Charlotte was in the courtroom when she was in front of the judge for the first time.

“I was asking if it’s possible to have the bond lowered?” Medlin asked the judge.

He said no.

Gabriel’s farher, Erick Taylor, says he allowed his sister to babysit on Halloween.

“You wish you could go back and do things differently,” said Taylor.

When Taylor and Pressley went to pick up their baby, they say he was showing signs of head trauma.

“He could barely hold his eyes open. He couldn’t even feed,” said Taylor. “So, I can’t even imagine how he felt.”

The mother says Medlin told them Gabriel rolled himself off the couch and hit his head.

“I was like oh my God! Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you call 911, and then call me?” said Pressley.

The parents rushed Gabriel to the hospital. Doctors said he had a broken skull. His ribs were also broken and were in various stages of healing. She says doctors believe they were broken approximately 10 days earlier.

Once detectives questioned the aunt, the mother says the truth came out.

“[The detective] They told me, said she confessed that her and her boyfriend was arguing, and she just got stressed out, and she tossed him,” said Pressley. “And, his head hit the coffee table.”

Pressley says she asked detective how the aunt broke her baby’s ribs.

“She told him she gave the baby some medicine, and he was acting like he was choking,” said Pressley.” And she was trying to do the Heimlich on him, and the detective told me that there is no way possible, he talked to a doctor, that that could have happened.”

In court, the aunt made a cry for help to a man named Adam. “Adam, please help me!” said Medlin.

At Medlin’s home, a man yelled expletives at reporter crews.

The baby’s mother says doctors are monitoring her his health. She is thankful he is alive.

“Just thank God he didn’t die from it,” said Pressley.