Sloppiness on Pennsylvania Ave led to Fence Jumper Getting to White House Steps

This video is no longer available.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sloppiness on Pennsylvania Avenue.  That basically sums up a review of the Secret Service after last month’s White House fence jumping incident where the jumper made it to the East Room before being stopped.  The big question was…how did security let it happen?

White House fence jumpers aren’t unheard of, but the one in September has been, by far the biggest headache for the Secret Service, exposing a number of flaws in security and leading to the resignation of the Secret Service Director.

Made public on Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security’s in-depth review notes “technical missteps, “lack of radio discipline,” and “improper use of equipment.”  It details a number of security missteps as Omar Gonzalez made it across the north lawn, into the front door and through to the East Room of the White House before being stopped.