Amateurs learning how to clown around for parade

NEW YORK (AP) — Hundreds of Macy’s employees and other volunteers are being schooled in the art of clowning around.

A one-day training session — “Clown U.” — was held Saturday at Lincoln Center for people who want to be among the thousand or so clowns in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Among the guidelines: Don’t smoke while you’re in costume. Leave the celebrities alone. And conserve your confetti.

The “professors” were professional clowns from the Big Apple Circus, donating their expertise.

The volunteers will be divided into Keystone Kops, billiard balls, wooden soldiers and 25 more teams, each assigned to a balloon or float.

For example, clowns dressed as cupcakes will be with the Pillsbury Doughboy balloon. They’ll be captained by a Macy’s vice president costumed as a cherry pie.