Robber Throws Gasoline, Threatens to Light Clerk on Fire

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Police are looking for a robber who splashed gasoline on a clerk at a check cashing company and threatened to light her on fire. 

Money was on the minds of customers at PLS Check Cashing Friday, but in the back of employees’ minds is the man who wanted money so badly, he threatened to light one of their co-workers on fire.
“It just makes you shake your head,” said Joshua Huntley.
He was there to cash a check Friday. One day later, police say the robber barged in, doused the clerk, and demanded she hand over cash or else he would spark the flames.
 “It’s a life or death situation,” said Huntley. “You just got to have some quick thinking on how you going to get out of that situation. Otherwise, you may get burnt.”
PLS is a 24 hour company. The robber targeted the store at 3:17 Thursday morning.
“Working at a check cashing place is very dangerous,” said Amber Walton. 
Walton is a former bank teller. She says people who work close to money are always on the lookout for people acting suspicious. However, she never expected someone to use gasoline as a weapon.
Charlotte Mecklenburg Police won’t say how the robber managed to get gasoline on the clerk. Glass separates customers from employees.
CMPD also won’t release photos of the suspect to the public.
“I just hope everything’s all right with the lady over there,” said Huntley.
The victim isn’t ready to talk about the attack. 
The company says it’s working with police.
“Get it together knucklehead!” said Huntley.  “Ain’t nothing that hard to make you want to jeopardize someone else’s life.”