Evangelical pastor addresses Vatican conference

VATICAN CITY (AP) — An American evangelical leader has urged his fellow clerics at a Vatican conference to be true to the Bible’s teachings on sex and marriage.

The Rev. Rick Warren is among representatives of 14 religions at the conference on the “complementarity” of men and women in marriage and the family. Participants at the gathering believe men and woman have different God-given roles in marriage and the family.

Warren, who pastors one of America’s largest Protestant churches, said the Bible defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman. He added, “When God’s word is clear, we must not, we cannot, back up, back down, back off, backslide or just give in.”

Warren encouraged religious leaders to celebrate traditional marriage and its benefits to men, women and children.

Pope Francis opened the three-day conference on Monday, declaring that children have the right to grow up with a mother and father.

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