Alan Major’s Long Road Back to Coaching

This video is no longer available.

College basketball is at the center of Alan Major’s life. The Charlotte 49ers Men’s Head Basketball coach is constantly trying to make his program one of the premier ones in the country.

However, the 5th year head coach was forced to step away from his coaching duties so he could focus on his health.  Major underwent surgeries on both eyes after his Glaucoma was getting worse, in addition to a heart catheter procedure. Thankfully for Major, no imminent danger was discovered during the heart procedure.

After five months of total recovery time, Major returned to the 49ers just in time for the start of the new season. The 49ers Head Coach praised his coaching staff for doing a phenomenal job in his absence.

Major says thanks to the time spent away from the game he loves, he reevaluated his list of priorities and put basketball behind things like his family and health.