Pastors preach calm as Ferguson waits on grand jury

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Parishioners in the St. Louis area are praying for peace and justice as a grand jury considers whether to indict a white police officer in last summer’s fatal shooting of a black teenager in the suburb of Ferguson.

The Rev. Freddy Clark of Shalom Church assured his mostly black congregation Sunday that “justice will be served” whichever way the decision goes, because God will take care of it.

That message was echoed at the predominantly black Greater Grace Church, where Bishop L.O. Jones told worshippers not to fear because “God is still in control.”

Shepherdess Theresa Holt of Jennings Mason Temple Church declared that “looting, rioting, fighting, tearing up the city, is not the answer.” She told her flock that this is a time for believers to “do good” and “seek peace.”

At the Roman Catholic Shrine of St. Joseph, Father Dale Wunderlich said whites and African-Americans all belong to “one race: the human race.”

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