Developers Want To Build A Publix Grocery Store In Cotswold

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CHARLOTTE, NC – Congestion and safety concerns are fueling a debate over a new Publix grocery store planned for Cotswold. 

Developers with the Silver Family, LLC filed a rezoning request for an existing two-acre lot where a 50-year-old office building sits on Randolph Road. The lot sits across from Cotswold Village Shopping Center between Greenwich and North Sharon Amity roads. 

On Monday, some residents showed up to speak at a public hearing on the rezoning request. 

“It’s going to add more problems to what we already have. It’s already crowded,” said Icela Jimenez, a Cotswold resident.
The existing building is used for office space, but developers want to build 65,000 square feet of retail space on top of lower-level parking decks.
The Charlotte Department of Transportation says congestion, safety and missing sidewalks are big concerns.
To help ease congestion, the city recommends adding sidewalks, a side road and a median to Randolph Road.