Dorian Harper Accepts Plea Deal in Union County Child Abuse Case

MONROE, NC – In a surprise move, attorneys reached a plea deal that will put a Union County man accused of child abuse behind bars for six to 10 years. Dorian Harper accepted the offer Wednesday morning.

“I think the gravity of the situation, you know, came for him,” says Harper’s attorney Randolph Lee. It’s the same offer he turned down Monday before jury selection. “I don’t know why people do the things they do sometimes. But this was his decision,” Lee says.
Harper and his longtime partner Wanda Sue Larson were arrested in November 2013 after an 11-year-old boy in their care was found shivering and shackled to their front porch–with a dead chicken tied around his neck.
The boy and two others were set to testify and were brought in the courtroom as Harper pleaded guilty.
The assistant DA told the judge the victim was almost always chained–day and night. She said he slept on the floor of a bedroom that was locked from the outside and was chained to a railroad tie in the middle of the room next to the other kids.
One of the other children told the judge things took a turn for the worse when Wanda Sue Larson, a DSS supervisor, decided to have the kids homeschooled. Harper’s attorney says the stress was too much for him.
He is also accused of cutting the 11-year-old victim’s face with a knife, shocking him with electrical wires, and twisting his pinky with a pair of pliers to get him to admit to bad behavior.
The boy’s biological mother told the judge her son is “picked on, bullied because of the scars on his face.”
Harper spoke in court before sentencing, saying, “There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t been regretful… remorseful… I did love them… I still love them… they’ll always be my children.”