Toddler Rescued After Being Trapped Under Fallen Tree

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GASTONIA, NC — A toddler in Gastonia is recovering after being trapped under a fallen tree.  Rain softened up the ground around the tree, causing it to come down.

Jennifer Lingerfelt says her 2-year-old daughter Ava is lucky to only have a few knots on her head after the tree crashed into their home on Hank Circle on Monday.  The little girl was watching TV in a bedroom when it happened.  Her dad went looking for her in the debris.

“He said, ‘I cried and cried and cried, and I hollered for her for a good two minutes, and I couldn’t hear anything.  And the next thing you know, she same crawling through the tree limbs, crawling for me,'” said Lingerfelt.

The family says they were worried the tree might fall and had asked the owner they rent from to take better care of the property.