Denver, N.C. Family on Today’s ‘Ellen’ Show on WCCB-TV

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It goes without saying that Ellen is the queen of daytime and dancing.  But today one local kid gives her a run for her money on the dance floor.

Braylon Beam and his family from Denver, N.C. will appear on today’s Ellen which airs right here on WCCB-TV at 5pm.

Braylon, who is only six years old, is battling brain cancer and tells Ellen that dancing is the one sure fire way to cheer him up.  Another thing that cheered young Braylon up was a special message from Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera. 

Ellen has plenty of tricks up her sleeve for young Braylon on today’s show.  So, be sure to tune in today at 5pm.

Tune in to Ellen every Monday – Friday right here on WCCB, Charlotte’s CW!