Missing Scientist Found In Hidden LSD Drug Lab After 33 Years

COTTAGE GROVE, MN– A couple from Minnesota had an amazing discovery when they found a Scientist who had been living behind a wall in their basement for 33 years.

The couple from Cottage Grove, MN says they heard sounds coming from their basement and alerted the police of a possible break-in.

When officers entered the house they said they could hear yelling coming from a wall in the basement covered by a large cabinet.

“It was a very odd situation.  We assumed the possibility that a vagrant may have been trapped behind the cabinet and needed help” Officer Jim Catelli told Channel 6 news.

When officers moved the large metal cabinet they discovered the most a amazing thing ever, a missing scientist from the University of Minnesota living in a hidden laboratory in the basement of the home.

Police discovered an LSD drug lab bunker that housed the scientist identified as, Dr. Winston Corrigan for the past 33 years.

Inside the large hidden room was $500,000 worth of science equipment stolen from the university, along with hand guns, assault riffle, 50 years worth of military grade rations, and twelve 55 gallon barrels, three of which where nearly empty containing pure LSD.

“I just can’t believe it….it’s just so odd.  The family that used to live there moved because they said the house was haunted so I guess that makes sense now.” Said a neighbor who had lived next door for 33 years.

Dr Winston is currently under observation at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Reports say he will later be sent to Prairie Hills Clinic where he will undergo psychiatric evaluation for possible psychological damage caused from isolation or possible drug use.