The Best of the Snark Report: 50 Shades More with Kylie Jenner, Ann Coulter, Joe Biden and Jamie Dornan

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Watering down some of DJ’s best snarks with Kylie, Yahoo, “50 Shades,” Ann, Joe and one truly loving couple.

Kylie Jenner has a fear of getting older…like boo, hoo.

Anhueuser-Busch water down their beer…for a good cause.

Yahoo may not be saying yahoo after they livestream the Buffalo/Jacksonville game in London.

Actor Jamie Dornan is going to need a lot of plastic surgery and support if he’s gonna star in the next 50 Shades movie.

Panera Bread dropping artificial ingredients…never gonna fly with some people.

No hugs for conservative pundant Ann Coulter, but Joe Biden is ready for anything.

It may be time for making whoopie, but there is also a place for making whoopee.

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