Hornets Select Frank Kaminsky, Unveil Alternate Jersey

CHARLOTTE, NC — It was a night where the Charlotte Hornets looked to shape the future of the team.  The Hornets used the 9th overall pick on Frank Kaminsky: Wisconsin 7-footer and National College Player of the Year. Before the pick, Charlotte unveiled a new alternate jersey that puts the Buzz City brand front and center.

Fans filled the Cable Box, looking to see the team’s future come into focus. A mixed reaction for the team’s first round pick, but earlier in the night, a big hooray for the Hornets alternate ‘pride’ uniform. With “Buzz City” on the front and sleeves on the side, the fans we talked to say the jersey gets the thumbs up.
“I wasn’t sure if I’d like sleeved uniforms, honestly” said Concord resident James Cox. “But t hey’re amazing. I love the “Buzz City” on the front; I love the teal accents.
“I like it, because, you know, Buzz City is a way to reflect our city and the fans that supported the Hornets since day one,” said Charlotte resident LaMichael Mitchell
“So we felt that, you know, the black would be, you know, something that made a statement, but also had a lot of class to it, but would also be dynamic in nature,” said Hornets Sports & Entertainment President Fred Whitfield.
The Hornets will wear the alternate jerseys six times next year. The new Hornet is Frank Kaminsky out of Washington: a scorer who, reportedly, team owner Michael Jordan was really high on.