Get tips to help you avoid hydroplaning in the rain!

Have you ever been driving in the rain and felt your car suddenly slip on the pavement, jerking itself out of your control? This is the start of hydroplaning, which is when your N Charlotte Toyota loses its traction on the road and begins to slide. It’s very dangerous situation for both you AND the drivers around you, so we’re here to give you tips on both how to avoid it and how to react when it happens! 

What is hydroplaning? 

Hydroplaning is when your new Toyota near Charlotte gets a thin layer of water between its wheels and the road. This tiny layer prevents traction, which means your car loses its grip on the road and starts to slide. It’s a very scary situation, as you’re completely out of control! If you find yourself in the grip of a hydroplaning car, here’s what to do: 

  • Take your foot off of the gas. You’ll need to slow your vehicle, and you don’t want to hit the brakes. Take your foot off of the accelerator instead! 
  • Avoid hitting the brakes or jerking the wheel – this may be an automatic reaction for you, but resist the urge! These actions will only cause your N Charlotte Toyota to slide more, and you run the risk of going into a fishtail and ending up in a collision. 
  • Look for empty space into which you can steer your new Toyota in N Charlotte! Try to steer clear (gently) of other cars on the road and aim your car towards empty patches where you can carefully bring it to a stop once it comes out of hydroplaning. 
  • However, there are ways you can avoid hydroplaning altogether, and our N Charlotte Toyota dealership is here to explain them to you! 

Avoid this dangerous situation in your N Charlotte Toyota 

  • Make sure your tires are in good shape! Our Toyota Service Center near Charlotte can help you with this; they’ll check the inflation AND traction on your car’s tires to ensure that they’re in good enough shape to drive in the rain. They can also give your brakes, wipers, and headlights a glance while you’re there! 
  • Never use cruise control in the rain. This can easily lead to hydroplaning in your new Toyota near Charlotte since you’re not in complete control of your car and can’t react as quickly if you start to lose control! 
  • Follow the speed limit – if you follow the rules of the road, you’re less likely to find yourself hydroplaning when the weather turns rainy. Make sure you abide by the speed limit and slow down if the roads are flooded!
  • That leads us to our next point – don’t drive through puddles! You never know how deep they are and driving through them can cause your N Charlotte Toyota to lose traction. 

Have questions about hydroplaning or need to find yourself a new set of car tires near Charlotte? Give us a ring today at (888) 378-1214 to schedule an appointment! 

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