UPDATE: On-Duty Officer Facing Additional Charges After DWI Arrest

UPDATE– During the course of Richard Andringa’s DWI investigation police determined that he had a container containing alcohol in his vehicle and charged him with open container.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Drunk on the job.  A veteran CMPD officer under fire for being intoxicated, in uniform, in his patrol car.  Officer Richard Andringa is on unpaid leave while a criminal and internal investigation gets underway.

Officer Richard Andringa has been protecting and serving Charlotte on the CMPD force since 1988.  A clean record… until now.

“We have a high level of responsibility on our shoulders and this time,” said Chief Kerr Putney.  “Someone failed that level of responsibility.”

What we know is that he was intoxicated while driving his patrol car.  What we don’t know is if he drank on the job.

Andringa was at work at least three hours before responding to an accident on Orr road in north Charlotte.  On his way to that scene, he got into an accident himself when he hit a truck here near the 5600 block of North Tryon Street.  When officers arrived on scene, Andringa was given a routine drug and alcohol test.  He failed.

“Officer Andringa had a impairment blood alcohol content of .09. As you know, .08 is the legal limit,” said Putney.

Andringa was arrested and charged with driving while impaired and operating a law enforcement vehicle after consuming alcohol.  But there were no red flags.

“No disciplinary issues with this officer at all,” said Putney.  “He had a preventable accident back in 1989 when he was a rookie cop.  Nothing since that time”

Putney says he does not tolerate Andringa’s behavior.  It not only violates the law, but violates community trust.

We went to Andringa’s house in Huntersville Friday to see if he had anything to say, but no one came to the door.

Police say no one was injured in the crash involving Andringa.  He is the second CMPD Officer to be arrested for DWI in the past week.  Officer Reginald Love was arrested in Guilford County last Friday.