Graffiti artist Fairey will stand trial for property damage

DETROIT (AP) — Graffiti artist Shepard Fairey has been ordered to stand trial on charges of illegally tagging buildings in Detroit.

District Judge Kenneth King acknowledged Fairey’s artistic ability Tuesday, but said he “can’t go around doing things without permission.”

Fairey is charged with malicious destruction of property.

An attorney for the city has said three of nine damaged properties are city-owned. The damage to all is estimated at about $30,000.

Defense attorney Bradley Friedman said there’s no proof the tagging was done by Fairey.

The artist was in Detroit in May to complete a mural on a downtown building.

In the past, Fairey was in a legal dispute with The Associated Press after using an AP photo in his famous Barack Obama “HOPE” poster. He agreed in 2011 to pay $1.6 million.