Women Arrested For Breaking Pretrial Release

STATESVILLE, N.C. — Authorities say they have arrested a women after violating her Pretrial Release Conditions.

On Monday, authorities noticed Ghenoa Elder breaking her Pretrial Release after making contact with the victim from previous incident.

Authorities confirmed her Pretrial Release Conditions were still in effect, and she was arrested for violating the court order.

On August 7th, Deputies responded to Fairlane Dr. in reference to a domestic assault. Upon arrival police say they discovered Ghenoa Elder on top of a vehicle. 

Elder had reportedly struck one man with a metal garden rake in his chest and stomach and also broke windows of a residence and a vehicle.

She was arrested for Damage to Property and Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Elder was given Pretrial Release Conditions which prohibits her from having any contact with the victim.