Take on driving in snow this holiday season with our helpful tips!

Scion of N Charlotte tips

Who’s ready for the holidays? They’ll be here before you know it – Thanksgiving is just a week away! Are you hitting the road to get your fill of turkey? If so, you might find yourself driving in snow… and it’s no easy feat. It takes preparation of your N Charlotte Scion AND a slight adjustment of your driving habits, and Toyota Scion of N Charlotte is here to help you take care of both! 

How should you change your driving habits when driving in snow? 

When you hit the road in your N Charlotte Scion and you’re going to be driving in snow, you have to change the way you handle your vehicle. Here are some of our top tips for driving in winter weather! 

  • Slow down your N Charlotte Scion – you should follow the speed limit when driving in snow, but slow your speed as necessary to retain traction on the road. Driving too fast is almost a sure bet you’ll lose control of your new Scion near Charlotte!
  • Leave extra room for braking when driving in snow, too! It’s harder to come to a stop when the roads are slippery, so you’ll need more space to brake. This means leaving more room in between your car and the cars around you, as well as leaving more distance to brake at stop lights and stop signs. 
  • Make sure you take your turns cautiously. You should maneuver your N Charlotte Scion smoothly through turns so your back wheels don’t slide out from under you, and take it slow! 
  • Use smooth actions when braking and accelerating. Refrain from slamming on your brakes and gas pedal when driving in snow so you retain control of your N Charlotte Scion car on slick surfaces! 
  • Make sure you turn on your headlights AND windshield wipers when driving in snow, even though it may not seem like you need them. They’ll help you keep a clear field of vision and allow other drivers to see your new Scion near Charlotte better! 

Prep your N Charlotte Scion for winter weather! 

You should also schedule N Charlotte auto service to prep your car for driving in snow. Here are some of the elements you’ll want to get inspected: 

  • Tires: Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have been rotated and balanced for maximum performance. You’ll also want to check traction to ensure they have enough grip on the road when driving in snow! 
  • Brakes: Always, always, always make sure you have top-notch brakes when driving in snow. Your N Charlotte Scion car may need to come to a stop more quickly in slick conditions, so you need full power to make it happen quickly and efficiently!
  • You should also have our auto service techs check your headlights, wipers, fluids, and battery when you’re about to take on cold winter weather! 

Have questions? Want to schedule service? Call us today at (888) 3778-1214 for answers! 

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