CMS Expands Montessori Program

CHARLOTTE, NC — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board will give eighth graders in Sedgefield Middle School’s Montessori program at least one more year. The board approved the proposal Tuesday night.

Parents are pushing for a Montessori High School, which would be a new venture for CMS. There is no long-term home for the school, and the proposal to add the 9th grade at Sedgefield next year does not address what comes after that.

“It feels like it’s been a long road, and a lot of emotion up and down,” said Sedgefield Montessori parent Dara Whittle. “And we are so thrilled that Ann Clark was willing to put this on the table, and that we got the support of the board.”

The CMS board also re-elected Mary McCray as the chair and swore in new member Elyse Dashew.