Holiday Gas Prices Drive Millions to Travel

ROCK HILL, SC / CORNELIUS, NC – Falling gas prices are fueling millions of people to travel this year.

This Christmas, we’re seeing the lowest prices at the pump in seven years.

The average for regular unleaded in the Charlotte area is a $1.95 a gallon. Across the state, it’s $1.96. And in South Carolina, drivers are paying around $1.78.

But some of the lowest prices in the nation are in Rock Hill.

“Pulled over and saw the $1.63 and we were on that,” says Matthews resident Christopher Morton.

Passing through the area, he stopped along Celanese Road.

“Helps with money for the holidays, so we’re able to get more presents, you know, and so any kind of savings is good,” Morton says.

Drivers are also saving big in other local towns like Cornelius.

“Drive farther. Ride farther. Cheaper on me. Cause I travel 45 minutes to work everyday,” explains Statesville resident Matthew Canecchia.

“It’s a lot better for me. My truck’s 34 gallons. So I’m putting gas in it pretty constantly. It’s a gas guzzler. It’s a lot better for me because I’m traveling about 30 minutes to work,” says Mooresville, NC resident Nick Ceraolo.