Flooding Left Crawl Spaces, Homes Soaked

CHARLOTTE, NC — “We thought everything was gone, or going to be damaged,” says homeowner, Claudia Pena.

This is what Claudia Pena’s house on Fielding Road in the Couldwood neighborhood looked like Wednesday.

“It was like a waterfall out of there,” says Pena.

She feels lucky the water didn’t get inside, but she says the crawl space got soaked.

“That was the next thing we were going to do, just wait for it to actually stop raining until we could call somebody out here to assess the damage under the house,” said Pena.

Scott Bailey, owner of Paul Davis Restoration says it’s homes like Pena’s that have them flooded too.

“We’re getting an inordinate amount of calls on leaking roofs and water in crawl spaces,” said Bailey.

Davis says even if the water didn’t get inside, don’t under estimate the damage that can be left behind in crawl spaces.

“That water has come over chemicals, asphalt don’t know what’s in it so it has most propensity to hold most bacteria which is harmful to human health,” said Bailey.

Davis says make sure you have a professional air it out.

“Mold and mildew, if it’s not dried out properly. Or if water is trapped behind the wall, then it’s eventually going to go bad,” said Bailey.

Pena plans to have her home cleaned.

“We did not expect it to be as bad as it was yesterday, so coming home to that was pretty scary,” said Pena.