The Snark: Struggles, Lies and Hopes

The Snark Report with Derek James: The Struggles of Tori, ISIS and Chipotle and lies of a 12 year old.

CHARLOTTE, N.C – Snarking the struggles of Tori, ISIS and Chipotle, the lie of a 12 year old and the trepidation of Patriots fans.

Bad weather is expected for the next couple of days in the Charlotte area. DJ has suggestions on how to abandon your car during the ice and snow.

Actress (?) Tori Spelling is being sued by American Express for not paying her bill.

Seems that poor old Tori is not the only one with financial problems.  ISIS seems to be having their own problems.

Chiptole announces paid sick leave for its employees.  Maybe they should be covering the customers.

A 12 year old girl gets caught in a really bad lie.

Seems that the fans of the New England Patriots don’t have a lot of faith.

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