CLT Plumbers, Homeowners Prep for Cold Snap

CHARLOTTE, NC — People are preparing for the coldest weekend this year.

“Turn your water on, and let it drip,” said Monique Springer.

Homeowners across the Queen City are doing the same thing as we inch closer to record low temps.

“If the pipes freeze, forget it,” said Springer. “It happened to me. You have no water for a couple days.”

Plumbing companies prepared for big business Friday, adding extra manpower over the weekend.

“I’m out there. I’m not afraid to drive in the snow or ice,” said Alex Vigovsky.

Ten years working with Michael and Sons Plumbing, Vigovsky says your best defense is to cover pipes with insulation wraps on cold nights, especially those in the attic and garage.

Add the cover to the faucet outside, or it could cost you.

“Hundreds to the thousands,” said Vigovsky. “Sometimes, you might have to have a remediation company come in.”

People were also spending money in hardware stores Friday. They were buying salt, shovels and kerosene.

“We got all this inventory in, like I said, just this morning. There’s a good chance we’ll probably be out of it by the end of tomorrow or early Sunday in sales,” said Blackhawk Hardware’s Chris Snodgrass.