Charlotte City Manager Will Not Seek Contract Extension

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — City Manager Ron Carlee has announced that he will not seek an extension to his contract with the City of Charlotte.

Carlee has served as city manager since 2013. As city manager, he was the city’s chief executive officer responsible for the appointment of executive staff and oversight of all city operations. He also implemented the policies of the mayor and city council and ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of city services.

“My goal from the start of my service to the Charlotte community was to help create an inclusive, forward-thinking environment,” City Manager Ron Carlee said. “I am grateful to have worked with such a dedicated workforce, all of whom are committed to excellence in public service.”

“Ron has been a great public servant to the city and I wish him the best in his future endeavors, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts said. “We are sorry to see him go. The city council is in discussion with him on the timing of his leaving and I am confident of a smooth transition.”

Some of the major initiatives Carlee was involved in during his tenure with the City of Charlotte included the passage of amendments to the non-discrimination ordinance, adoption of the civil liberties resolution in 2015, the airport management transition, voter approval of the Community Investment Plan bonds and successful management of the FY16 budget process during the landmark shortfall.