Josh Norman on Staying with Panthers: “I don’t want that to change”

Norman Speaks Out While Team Attempts to Workout Long-Term Contract

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– Josh Norman wants to stay in the Carolina’s, if his family is taken care of first.

Speaking out before his charity basketball game, the Panthers Cornerback said he wants to continue playing for the Panthers. He grew up in Greenwood, S.C., went to college at Coastal Carolina, and has played his entire professional career with the Panthers organization.

But Josh cites at the end of the day, his three core values are God, Family, and football. “We’re taking (the order of his core values) into consideration, and we’ll see what the numbers look like” Norman said. “But if you’re the best at something, you want to be the best at that and want things to show for that.

Norman spoke about his contract before his celebrity charity basketball in Uptown Charlotte. Proceeds of the event benefit his Starz 24 charity