Trump Supporters And Protestors Pack Arena

CONCORD, NC– “Ted Cruz he comes in Bible high, bible high, puts Bible down and lies to you,” said Donald Trump.

Donald Trump wasted no time taking shots at his Republican opponents.

“They have lobbyists where they advertise I’ll take care of Rubio, they have guys who specialize in Rubio,” said Trump.

Thousands of supporters packed the Cabarrus Arena.

“I loved it, I loved it, I love his honesty,” said Denise Dunn of Concord.

And say Trump has earned their vote.

“If he can do everything he says our country is really going to be great again,” said Janice Hancock, of Kappapolis.

But not everyone in the crowd came to support the candidate.


“Get him out of here, get out,” said Trump.

We watched as at least a dozen protesters were thrown out.


“Nasty, nasty some nasty people, disgusting people actually,” said Trump.

This guy was escorted out for wearing a shirt calling Trump a liar and fascist. At one point Trump joked about liking protesters.

“In fact if we don’t have some, every once in awhile I’ll bring my own demonstrators just to create it,” said Trump.

He also bragged about support from Nascar CEO Brian France and special guest former driver Mark Martin.

“Build that wall, ” said Martin.

“That wall is going to be a very very effective real wall,” said Trump.

Early voting began on March 3 and goes until Saturday, March 12, Then primary election day is Tuesday, March 15.