Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Takes In 80 Cockfighting Roosters

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. — Carolina Waterfowl Rescue took in 80 roosters that had been used for cockfighting by a North Carolina man.

Law enforcement officials discovered the birds recently while they were conducting an investigation at the property for an unrelated case, said Drew Brinkley, animal services operations manager with Orange County Animal Services.

The man, who admitted to fighting the birds out of state, agreed to surrender them to animal services. Because the shelter isn’t equipped to handle so many roosters, they contacted CWR for help.

“We’re so grateful to the amazing staff at Orange County Animal Services for giving these roosters a second chance to be happy and healthy,” CWR Director Jennifer Gordon said.

The all-volunteer rescue is also calling on the community’s help to buy food and medical supplies for the extra birds.

“Rescues like ours struggle daily with funding. Our animals simply don’t have mainstream appeal,” Gordon said. “We really need the public’s support to care for these birds and find them forever homes.”

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