Primary Results Show Locals Vote Frontrunners

CHARLOTTE, NC– “I think we’re going to have a lot of excitement in North Carolina, I think in the Presidential level we’ll be a solidly purple state,” said Queen University Political Professor, Dr. Mark Kelso.

Dr. Kelso says primary results show Mecklenburg County likes to vote for the front runner. With Hillary taking 60 % of the votes she had broad support all over the county but certain areas were strongest.

“You’ve got a lot of North Charlotte area, West Charlotte area came out strong, when you look at the maps, those were good spots for her,” said Mecklenburg County Election Commission Director, Michael Dickerson.

Donald Trump won the republican race with 32 %, from north to south on the west side of the county.


“This would be the Cornelius, Lake area, and coming down Mountain Island Area, to Steele Creek then Ballantyne down here,” said Dickerson.

Dr. Kelso says North Carolina voters were motivated by anger and change like national trends, but local issues brought them to the polls as well.


“Infrastructure issue, transportation issues, those kind of things,” said Dr. Kelso.

One thing election officials say wasn’t a surprise was larger number of Democratic votes than Republican.

“We are a mostly democratic county think we have about 250,000 democrats and about 120,000 republicans,” said Dickerson.

One thing Dr. Kelso says is an unknown from the numbers in Mecklenburg County is how Bernie Sanders came so much closer to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race than in any other southern states.