CMPD Adjusts Airport Security After Brussels Attacks

CHARLOTTE, NC — Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is increasing police presence after terror attacks in Brussels.

Tuesday, you could see police and bomb detecting dogs moving through Charlotte airport crowds.

“Someone could be standing right here and blow themselves up,” said one passenger, Mary Sotile. “It’s amazing it hasn’t happened.” In line next to her, Charlotte parents sent a group of German exchange students home to Europe.

“I was nervous about putting her on a plane today. I really was,” said Cassie Kessler. “But, we checked with the airport here and there as well, and she’s flying to Munich and they said everything was fine.”

CMPD concentrated efforts outside the security lines. The terrorists in Brussels detonated the suicide bombs at check-in counters.

“If they want to put a bomb three miles away, they’ll put that. We got nothing we can do,” said David Loliot.

Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker says it’s very difficult,if not impossible, to protect soft targets like mass transit.

“Where ever you set up your check point, you’re going to have a que of people outside the checkpoint all bottled up in one place where it’s almost a better place to attack than going inside the venue,” said Swecker.

UNC Charlotte Political Science Professor Justin Conrad say the fear of no protection feeds into ISIS efforts to stop other countries from intervening in Iraq and Syria.

“They want to make citizens fearful so that citizens then pressure their governments,the Belgian government, French government, to reduce whatever support they have for, in this case, probably the coalition effort in Syria,” said Assistant Professor Conrad.

The attacks have forced a broader awareness. Passengers watched surroundings more closely Tuesday, avoiding fear.

“That destroys our way of living,” said Sotile. “So, I’m not going to be terrorized I’ve decided.”