911 Call Released After Two Family Pets Kill 86-Year-Old

CHARLOTTE, NC — Police are working to find out if a deadly dog attack in South Charlotte could have been prevented.

CMPD says two pit bulls killed 86-year-old Bessie Flowers inside a town home on Luke Crossing Ln. in the Springs Village community.

Animal Control seized two pit bulls after the attack.

One neighbor, who didn’t want to release his name, was unraveled learning how CMPD says the woman died.

“I constantly tell people they’re going to kill someone!” said the man. “There’s been two incidents with those dogs. They attack other dogs here. No one has done anything about it.”

CMPD Animal Control tells me officers responded to one complaint of two aggressive three years ago.

Officers say they didn’t do anything because the call was unsubstantiated.

WCCB Charlotte checked the Springs Village bylaws.They don’t say anything about the type of dogs residents can have but does say you have to report all complaints to CMPD Animal Control.

“The dogs that are involved in this are actually family dogs,” said Capt. Todd Lontz.

Capt. Lontz says the couple who owns the dogs were inside the town house when the animals attacked flowers, but they could not save her.

They wouldn’t comment to us immediately after the attack.

Police are still investigating to find out why the dogs charged the 86-year-old.

“It’s tragic. No one wants to see that happen, but it’s unfortunate that it did,” said Michael Brodsky.

CMPD Animal Control will keep the dogs quarantined for 10 days and hold them for the remainder of the investigation into Flowers’ homicide. CMPD has not said if the dog owners could face charges or if they consider this a terrible accident.