Thieves Plant Credit Card Skimmers in Gaston County

Gastonia Police Warn of Uptick in Credit Card Theft Cases

GASTON COUNTY, NC– Thieves are using credit card skimmers to steal your money in Gaston County.

Gastonia police say they’ve seen 19 victims in the past four day lose as much as $2,000.

Investigators still have not pinpointed the exact location of the card skimmers that swiped all the credit cards. Victims are coming forward after noticing money missing from their bank accounts.

One swipe, and Buddy Richards was out nearly $1,000.

“Boom! Just that quick,” said Richards.

Detectives suspect a skimming device on an ATM inside a store or gas station compromised his debit card and pin number, along with 18 other victims since March 26.

“That’s real shocking, and maybe there’s more than just have a come forward yet,” said Richards.

Police reports show most victims live in Gaston County. Detectives are combing through their bank statements for a common ATM withdraw that could help track the skimmer and the thief.

Scammers can do this on atms, gas pumps or anything that’s reading your card. There a couple of ways they do it. They can either place the skimmer on top of the card reader, or they can place it inside. In that case, you need to check the security tape that companies place over the door that unlocks the ATM. If that strip of tape is broke, someone may have tampered with it.

Police are asking businesses to check for skimmers daily and report them immediately.

Richards is constantly watching his bank account now.

“I’m very cautious, very cautious,” said Richards. “I’m just gonna start paying cash, you know, who knows when I’ll use the card again.”