The Vampire Diaries “Days of Future Past”

Damon offers to transfer Stefan’s scar onto himself as a peace offering but realized that doing so would result in unforeseeable consequences. TVD returns Friday at 8pm on WCCB, Charlotte’s CW.

About The Vampire Diaries
Season seven of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES finds those closest to Elena Gilbert striving to redefine themselves in the wake of losing her. Some recover, while others slide back to their darkest selves. Lily Salvatore takes advantage of this rocky emotional terrain and works to drive a wedge between her sons Damon and Stefan Salvatore, even as she loses control of her volatile heretic family. And looming over all the present-day suspense, flash-forwards to three years in the future will show glimpses of a horrific supernatural threat with profound consequences for our heroes and Mystic Falls.

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