A Popular Dilworth Restaurant Catches Fire Again

CHARLOTTE, NC– A popular Dilworth restaurant catches fire again.

Tonight, investigators are working to figure out what ignited the three-alarm fire at 131 main this evening.

Two firefighters were injured fighting the flames.  One firefighter suffered a knee injury and the other a cut on his hand.
Both are expected to be okay. It took 70 firefighers to evacuate and contain that fire.

“It was very intense everything happened so fast you know so fast,” says Chef Surron Bass.

Chef Surron Bass says he was working inside 131 Main when he first saw the fire inside the restaurant.

” I seen my manager he said is it really a fire, I said yea man he said pull the fire alarm,” says Bass.

Bass says they quickly evacuated nearly 40 customers and employees.

Charlotte Fire Chief Jon Hannan says “The fire started in ductwork that runs from restaurant to the roof so we had smoke the whole building had evacuation issues.”

Chloe Pinner lives in the upper level apartments and says she quickly left after hearing alarms.

“I put on a hoodie, got my dog and left as the alarms went on,” says Pinner.

Traffic was blocked for hours on East Boulevard as crews worked to clear the area.

But this isn’t the first time, we were there when a fire shutdown the same restaurant four year ago.

That time, flames shot thru the ventilation system into the same upper level apartments.

Pinner says shes fed up, but glad no one was hurt.

“Don’t know what the issues are they are having.  As long as everybody is safe that’s the main thing,” says Pinner.