Garbage Truck Hits, Kills Davidson Pet Sitter

Driver arrested, hit woman walking dogs in crosswalk

DAVIDSON, NC — Police have arrested the garbage truck driver who hit and killed a woman in Davidson Friday afternoon.

Investigators say Janet McFadden was walking two dogs across S. Main St. when the truck hit her.

“It is very very difficult,” said Davidson Police Chief Jeanne Miller. “My second in command knows the family, I know the family.”

The victim’s family wasn’t ready to talk on camera. Friends say McFadden was a mother of four. She was well known for her business: Davidson Pet Sitters.

Police say she was working Friday afternoon when the garbage truck hit her.

“It’s it’s a horrible thing,” said Diane Bodone. “This is a walking community. Everybody walks.”

CMPD crash scene investigators took over the scene and arrested Jeffrey Wilburn for misdemeanor death by vehicle. They say he was turning left from South St. onto Main and hit McFadden.

She was crossing the street in the marked crosswalk.

“His life is changed forever,” said Bodine. “Her and her family’s life is changed forever.”

Garbage truck owner, Republic Services, since WCCB Charlotte a statement saying:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in this morning’s incident, especially our driver who in understandably distraught. We are cooperating fully with local authorities as part of their ongoing investigation.”

Chief Miller says the city just installed the crosswalk signals at the intersection two weeks ago to prevent accidents.

“We ask people to walk defensively, bicycle defensively and drive defensively,” said Chief Miller.

Police say one of the dogs McFadden was walking survived.