The Snark: The Return of “Snarknac the Magnificent”

The Snark Report with Derek James: All the April Fools including Bernie, Tori, a "hot" dog and "Snarknac the Magnificent."

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There is no better day to enjoy  April Fools’ Day than with a Snark full of fools.  Getting help from Bernie’s burn, Tori’s plastic surgery rumors, an adventurous dog and a visit from “Snarknac the Magnificent.”

A California billboard’s  double entendre has Bernie Sanders to thank.

Speaking of billboards, which one did Tori Spelling use to find her latest plastic surgeon?

An adventurous K-9 gets lost in the weeds.

Cursing and carpal tunnel go hand in hand.

And it’s is a visit from the great “Snarknac the Magnificent.”

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