The Difficulties of Finding a Home in Charlotte

Across Charlotte you can feel the real estate boom. You can see apartments popping up and houses are selling fast..

“Places like NoDa now building apartments, Uptown now building apartments. It’s crazy UNC Charlotte.. apartment crazy,” says Jason Brown.

Charlotte real estate agent Jason Brown says the housing market is booming but inventory is slim.

“This house right here, I put it on the market, within the first 24 hours, I got 11 showings and one offer. That’s how low the inventory is , I tell all my seller clients it’s a sellers market right now,” says Brown.

Brown says a lack of new construction and a shortage of existing homes in key zip codes are forcing more people to rent apartments.

“It was really hard to find something we were out of season. We were looking in the fall and winter not many options available,” says Kristina Nebel.

The Nebels say they know this story all to well. They rented an uptown apartment before they were able to finally find a home in Dilworth.

“Our house was on the market I think maybe a week, week and a half then we snapped it up because there were not many available,” says Kristina Nebel.

On South Boulevard you can see an apartment on every corner and more being built.

“It’s smart growth right? That’s what makes sense. I was born in D.C. it’s the same thing around metro stops there apartments,” says Nebel

But many wonder is it too much? As more apartments continue to pop up in congested areas across Charlotte. Brown says expect to see more.

“It is a good sign for us it is needed, right now Charlotte is the hottest city on the East coast between New York and as far down as Atlanta,” says Brown.

Brown says if you are looking to buy you need to be prepared to make an offer fast. He recommends having your pre-qualification letter from the bank and not to waste any time when you see a home you want.