Trump Lays Out Plans To Pay For Wall

Tonight we know more about Donald Trump’s plan to build a 1,000 mile wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The presidential front-runner says he will use a Federal Anti-Terrorism surveillance law to make Mexico pay for it.

Using parts of the Patriot Act, Trump would stop undocumented Mexican immigrants in the U.S. from wiring money to relatives in Mexico.

Trump hopes that will compel Mexican officials to give in and pay 10 billion dollars for the wall.

“It’s self-explanatory. The wall is a fraction of the kind of money in many different ways that Mexico takes in from the United States. The wall is a fraction,” said Trump


“The notion that we’re going to track every Western Union, you know, every bit of money that’s being sent to Mexico, good luck with that,” said President Obama.


Trump’s plan also lays out other potential tactics, including imposing tariffs on imports from Mexico, canceling Mexican nationals’ visas and raising visa fees.