York County Deputies Searching for Man Who Tried to Abduct Boys

FORT MILL, SC – York County Deputies are searching for a man who came at two boys with a weapon on their walk to school.

“First thing that went through my head is that he’s going to hurt me,” explains 10-year-old Michael Huskey.
Huskey and his 7-year-old cousin were making their usual walk to Pleasant Knoll Elementary
Monday morning when they were startled by a man who came out of the woods.
“The man was right there and he walked over here and said ‘Hi,’ and when he said, ‘Hi,’ he pulled out a pair of pliers with a bunch of knifes,” Huskey says.
He says his instincts kicked in and he told his cousin to run. Both climbed up a hill and ran back to his mom’s house.
“With the way he ran through the door and just shaky and kinda crying it was, my goodness baby what’s wrong what’s happening?” says Huskey’s mom Terrie Ruff.
Investigators don’t have a detailed description of the man. Huskey told them he was wearing a dark grey hoodie and dark pants.
The Principal at Pleasant Knoll sent an email warning parents, and the school went on an outdoor lockdown for several hours as   deputies combed the area.
The other boy’s mother says she doesn’t know what the motive would be, but fears the worst.
“I just don’t understand why anybody would wanna scare kids, hurt kids,” says Stefanie Rayfield.
All agree, the pair won’t be walking to school any more.
Investigators tell WCCB they did find a device in the woods that included knives and pliers, like the boys described.